We are pleased to announce the winners for FutureHack, the first ever Hackathon that took place during the week of the World Economic Forum in Davos/Klosters Switzerland and Slovenia. #FutureHack

Teams in Davos/Klosters and Slovenia competed simultaneously for 48 hours straight to produce blockchain solutions to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The grand prize winner from the Davos competition is: Universal Health AI (UHAI) (www.uhai.io) SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-Being

The grand prize winner from the Slovenia competition is: Cherr.io (www.cherr.io) SDGs Global Goals - with a focus on solutions for the Global Goals and creating charity and impact across all 17 SDGs

Prizes are given by QTUM.org

Congratulations to the winners!

Future for Humanity is non-profit seeking to bring together the best minds and technologies to bring a brighter future to our children and our planet.

We are proud to congratulate the winners and incredibly thankful to everyone who participated and contributed their time, talents and expertise.


United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

Health & Well-Being

Figure out solutions to address health issues such as creating affordable and scalable healthcare infrastructures, combating diseases effectively, and providing proper sanitation and health services to those without access.

Industry & Infrastructure

Find distributed ledger solutions to use industrial and infrastructural innovations to develop regions in environmentally sound and efficient ways.

Sustainable Cities & Communities

Increase urban populations accessibility to basic services, energy, housing, transportation, or create ways to improve upon infrastructures.

Sustainable Development

Find affordable and scalable ways to increase accessibility to clean electricity for regions that lack energy distribution infrastructures.

Climate Action

Find scalable solutions to reduce emissions, shift to cleaner economies run on renewable energy, and adapt to a changing climate.


Find ways to increase the effectiveness and accountability of current government institutions and imagine ways to design governance to work toward peace, inclusion, justice, and sustainable development.

Submit Your Own Challenge

Do you have a big idea that is totally outside the box? Share your innovative and creative suggestion as a project that incorporates blockchain technology as moonshot solutions for the future of humanity.

Davos Prize


Slovenia Prize


Sustainable Development Goal Solution Prizes


SDG Prizes also include participation in the next FutureHack series which includes an extended Virtual Hackathon.

*All winning projects to submit a go to market strategy for expanded project plan that could be developed and launched within 3 month period that work towards solutions for SDGs.

Hack for the Future of Humanity

Come help us build a better future! Join FutureHack @ Davos 2018.


January 1

FutureHack registration opens

January 1 - 21

Hackathon Mentors are available to support for projects creative and concept development. Matchmaking for projects and teams.

January 21

Teams travel and arrive at Davos / Klosters / Slovenia. Registration ends.

January 22

FutureHack participants start developing

January 22-24

FutureHack teams build their projects

January 24

FutureHack participants finish developing

January 25

Projects presented for Judging

Award Ceremony and Celebration at Seehof Hotel in Davos

January 26

FutureHack participants depart

We are excited to announce the winners soon!


Bringing together global innovators for their vision of the Future of Humanity.

Lukas Sieber

Co-Founder at the Mindfire Foundation

Thessy Mehrain

Director of Global Product & Innovation at ConsenSys

Gavin Starks

Founder at Dgen Network

Susan Oh

Chair of AI at Blockchain For Impact

Toby Lewis

Chief Executive and Founder, Novum Insights/Novum Coin

Adam Jacoby

Founder & Chief Steward at MiVote

Francisco Benedito

Director of CBC BBVA

Nena Dokuzov

Director of Cultural-Economic Centre of European Space Technologies

Mentors & Speakers

Bright minds looking to share what they know to solve today's biggest issues.

Sebastian Bürgel

Co-Founder and CTO at Validity Labs

Pascal Kaufmann

Founder & Head Starmind X-Projects

Stefan Klauser

Project Leader Digital Society & Finance 4.0 at the Chair of Computational Social Science at ETH Zurich.

Marcelo Garcia

Founder of BroadLights.org and CryptoExplorers.org

Hamish Hughes

Co-Founder & Global Director of Policy at MiVote

Wulf Kaal

Founder & CEO at HighTechBlock

Hanieh Sadat

Founder at ImpactX, Advisor at CLIMATECOIN

Nika Kravanja

Operations Project Manager at Cofound.it, Previously Iconomi, Amnesty International

Vladimir Milosevic

Co-Founder at Conda Crowdinvesting, Project Evaluation at Cofound.it, Investment board of KIKaccelerator SLO

Tilen Držan

ICO Analyst at Cofound.it, experienced UX Designer & front-end developer. Co-founder at Vez-je non-profit.

Gregor Novak

Co-founder, CEO SunContract

Nino Vojvodic

Co-Founder at LedgerState

Advisory Board

FutureHack's Advisory Board.

Jeffrey Wernick

Qtum Advisory Board-member

Melinda Woolf

Founder & Chief Steward
at Future of Humanity

Amanda Gutterman

CMO at ConsenSys

Samuel Cassatt

CSO at ConsenSys

Damir Jandricek

Founder at INEX360

Mariam Azarm

Founder at The Klosters Forum

James Fan

Co-Founder & Technical Director at Future of Humanity

Lukas Fitze

Tech + Culture Initiatives / Co-founder Futurezoo

Wulf Kaal

Founder & CEO at HighTechBlock

Stefan Klauser

Project Leader Digital Society & Finance 4.0 at the Chair of Computational Social Science at ETH Zurich.

Judging Process

All teams will be required to present a short 3-minute demo of their project. Finalists from the Hackathon will be selected by a panel of FutureHack experts. Judges will be announced in the coming weeks.

Each submission will be scored based on the following criteria with a minimum score of 0 and maximum score of 30 points, with the final score being the average of the judges’ scores.


Does the project successfully execute its intended technical goals? Does the project work-properly or as intended in its final presentation ready form? (5 points)


Does the project’s social impact line-up with the United Nations Sustainable Development goals? (5 points)


Are the project’s concept and design unique or new solutions to its specific project impact goals?(5 points)


How successfully did the team integrate Blockchain technology into their solution or project? (5 points)


How scalable is the project within Blockchain and distributed systems as solutions for what’s needed now and in the future? (5 points)


How well designed, including UX/UI and user flow, was the solution? How well were the project and ideas presented? (5 points)


Team Size:

Teams of up to 5 participants are allowed. All team members must have completed the participation agreement to compete. Mentors will be available during the event remotely or in-person at the event to give advice and feedback.

Fresh Code:

Teams may not begin code on this project until the competition officially begins. Please don’t come in and build on top of previous code for projects if you want to win. Teams may build on existing concepts, creative and ideas for projects and build fresh code as solutions for projects and initiatives that have been in development.


Teams have full ownership of everything they build at our events and are free to do with it as they wish.

Code Review

Winning teams may be subject to a code-review immediately following the event before winning.

Identity Verification

All winners will be subject to an identity check for verification, before participating in hackathon and prior to the release of any prizes.

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